Terms and Conditions

  • The book has to be in a reasonable condition.
  • No severe ruptures.
  • The cover has to be intact.
  • No missing pages.
  • Markings, notes, etc. are acceptable.
  • Payment of the books which you’ve handed in and the returning of books which haven’t been sold will take place in the last week of the next September after the receipt date. We will charge €4,- in terms of administration costs.
  • For books which haven’t been collected, there is a second opportunity to do so. These will respectively take place in the next February, April, June and August after the receipt date. Concerning the payment, there are always two opportunities to collect it or to get it transferred in the month of September and Oktober.
  • If you’re unable to collect the money and/or your books personally, there two possibilities:
    1. Send an E-mail to (your city)@boekswap.com to authorize someone else to collect your money and books. The E-mail must consist of your full name, your authorization, a scan of your Identity Card as well as the full name and a scan of the Identity Card of the person you’ve authorized to collect your belongings.
    2. Send an E-mail to (your city)@boekswap.com to demand a money transfer. The E-mail must consist of your full name, your student number, your Personal Order number (you’ll find it on your receipt), an IBAN and the name of the bank account-holder.
  • During the purchase and selling periods it is only possible to collect unsold books. Visit our website or like us on Facebook to stay up-to- date concerning these periods.
  • By participating with BoekSwap you automatically agree to terms and conditions mentioned above.