How it works

What we offer

We offer an easy, fast and reliable way to profit from the study books you don’t use anymore. You can sell your books or change them for second hand books which you will need. This is much cheaper

than buying new books every year.


What you can get

When you buy books at BoekSwap, you will save up to 40% of your regular costs. If you sell us these books at the end of the term, you will receive 75% of the purchase price. So you will save 85%

of the purchase price! Considering that books cost €600,- on average per year and you will pay only €90 at BoekSwap, means that you will save up to €510,-!


How it works step by step

1. Look at your study’s book list under ‘Books’ to see how much money you can get for your study books.

2. Hand in as many books as possible. You can do that during our opening hours, after which you will receive a receipt.

3. You can also buy books for the new year or period for 40% less than the new book prices. You can see the prices under ‘Books’.

4. At the end of September you can exchange your receipt of your books, which you have handed in, for a received payment in cash (see ‘Terms and Conditions’). Books which haven’t been sold will be returned to you or kept for the next selling period.

5. Use your books. At the end of the year you can hand them in and receive up to 75% of your payment.


Distribution policy

First come, first serve! Be there quickly, because we are quickly sold-out! Books which have been handed in first, will be sold first. So the sooner you hand in your books, the bigger your chance is that they will be sold.