About us

What is BoekSwap?

BoekSwap is an organization which has been founded by students of Delft University of Technology. It’s cause is to make education more accessible by reducing the study costs. The introduction of the loan system in the Netherlands has made studying a lot more expensive. Study books are a big cost for (beginning) students. BoekSwap offers a sustainable and cheap solution to this problem, by reusing these study books.

Why BoekSwap?

BoekSwap was founded because of the high costs students have when purchasing study books at the beginning of the academic year. In order to get cheaper, second-hand books students must (most of the time) look for fellow students to put together a book package, which costs a lot of time.

This has to be organized in an easier and more efficient way and led to the foundation of BoekSwap: a dynamic platform situated in a centrally located place on campus where all students can buy and sell their books.

How does BoekSwap work?

BoekSwap operates in three easy steps:

  1. Students hand their old books in at our store
  2. We try to sell these books to new students
  3. If the books are sold, the students gets paid for the books he handed in

BoekSwap is an initiative from students, for students. This means that students can come to us for a small job and/or an internship in order to learn how it is to manage a company.

BoekSwap opens for ten weeks per year at a school:

  • First period (start of the academic year):             3 weeks
  • Second period (start of second quarter):              1 week
  • Third period (start of third quarter):                     2 weeks
  • Fourth period (start of fourth quarter):                1 week
  • Fifth period (end of the academic year):               3 weeks

Our locations

Besides our branch in Delft, where we provide books for students from Delft University of Technology, The Hague University of Applied Sciences (location Delft) and InHolland University of Applied Sciences (location Delft), we have recently opened new branches in the student cities of Eindhoven and The Hague. In the latter city you can buy and sell your books if you are a student from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In Eindhoven we offer study books to students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences (location Eindhoven). Furthermore, we are currently negotiating with several universities in order to implement BoekSwap at those institutions as well. Keep an eye on our developments by visiting our website and by following our Facebook-page.